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Opportunity Costs

Remember your time is an irreplaceable asset.  By outsourcing your article creation and the distribution to an article marketing automation service provider it will help you drive traffic in three ways.

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Article Marketing Automation Service in a Box

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A Word of Caution

Make sure your site doesn’t get penalized for duplicate content. A lot of people who employ article marketing services or use automation software like Article Marketing Robot tend to take short-cuts which, in the

long run, can actually decrease traffic over time. The most critical mistake is not taking the time to make certain every piece of content getting published across the web is at the least 30% unique while still being readable.

If the new article is less than 30% unique, you’re simply wasting your time because the search engines don’t index or rank duplicate content. In addition, if the “spun” content is unreadable, it can have a negative impact on your business. So take the time to insure the article produced by Article Marketing Robot is both unique and readable for the end user.


Using an Article Marketing Automation Service to Generate More Traffic



The Truth


Stop hiding from the truth!

I’m not saying you need to be upfront and honest about everything with everyone. What I’m saying that you need to be honest with yourself and the people who require the truth on a “need to know” basis.

Everything is subject to truth. Truth is the foundation by which reality is built and without it, society would be chaos. You might think you’re doing the right thing by hiding from the truth under the veil of “ignorance is bliss” but you’re only hurting yourself and those that depend on you most.

“When you lie, you purposely distort reality of the person you lied too. One of two things can happen from there. If you get caught, it will likely end up that they will lose trust, faith and respect for you. If you don’t get caught, you are likely to expect that others are willing and able to deceive you, which results in a lack of trust and faith in them. There really is no upside other than avoiding temporary discomfort or maybe a bruised ego.”

Reality doesn’t care about you and your problems. The reality that you make for yourself will always subject to “TRUE REALITY”. You can tell yourself that everything is alright but the truth is…lying to yourself will not make everything “alright”.

The truth hurts because truth is impartial and indifferent. It’s not simple something to feed your ego and confirm your world view.

The saying goes “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” but this can only happen if we accept responsibility. The pain we experience when our reality, crashes into the true reality, spurs the changes necessary to make you grow stronger. If you deny the truth, you’ll learn nothing and you’ll continue living within the confines of your own lies and your own twisted reality.


Most people want to casually lose weight and gain better health. They simply dip their toe the water and get mediocre results that are equal to their efforts.

I personally lost 105 pounds; going from 285 down to a lean 180 pounds. I also lost nearly 18 inches off my waist. While the last few months have been a little rough and I put back on a few pounds, I’m getting ready to start another 90 day cycle with a friend and wanted to share the core principles that allowed me to lose so much weight.

During my first 30 days of working out, I immerse myself in the lifestyle. I ate great and worked out often. Within the first few weeks lost about 20 pounds.

Because I was doing something that wasn’t casual in nature, my body didn’t have the opportunity to simply adapt but was forced to change.

That’s the difference between causally working out and dieting and what I did. My body was forced to mentally, physically and spiritually change!

When you do a fad diet for a couple of weeks your body adapts and more often than not, you end up putting more weight than what you’ve lost.

As a species, we haven’t changed much since man started walking earth several hundred thousand years ago when humans were hunter/gatherers. There’s really two mechanisms at play here:

1) The conservation of energy - Like most hunter/gatherers, our ancestors experienced feast and famine. Our bodies crave calorie rich foods (sugar, fat and salt) that were not readily available. These calories are stored as fat in the event we experience a famine. Unlike our ancestors, we have a steady stream of calorie dense food which is always available and in many cases just a few feet away. Unless you push your body and eat right you’re unlikely to overcome this biological mechanism which is really just the body protecting itself.

2) Preparation for a fight or flight eventWe were not always at the top of the food chain and because we are hunters, we often had to push ourselves beyond our physical limits in order to survive. The body has a built-in mechanism by which any time it is pushed beyond its physical limits, it will overcompensate in that area to ensure that the next time you encounter the same situation you will be able to perform. This is why lifting weights increases bone density and muscle size, while strenuous cardio exercise will increase lung capacity, VO2 max and strengthen the heart.

Here’s what that means. As far as your diet; focus on nutrient density as opposed to calorie density. There some foods that are in fact calorie dense but also have a lot of nutrients i.e. vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Those foods are okay in moderation. It’s the foods that are high in calories but give you very little in terms of nutrients that you absolutely want to avoid. This would include sugary drinks, fried foods, fast food, and heavily processed foods.

I personally eat mostly chicken, fish and turkey while avoiding red meat. I rarely drink calories and I avoid anything that’s white such as breads, pasta, potatoes, and dairy. When I got away from this over the last 4 months I put on 20lbs.

Also if you only put in a solid few weeks before you quit, your body will overcompensating by storing the additional calories. This is the nature of yo-yo dieting. This is why it needs to be a lifestyle change and not a short term fix.

With the workout, you want to make sure you push yourself beyond your limits every time. Its homeostasis…your body is reacting to a physical stimulus. Because your body is both trying to conserve energy and prepare you for any future fight or flight event it will only react as much as needed, so if you put in a half-ass effort you will receive half-assed results.

Focus on pushing yourself beyond what you are capable. This forces your body to react so that next time you encounter the same physical stress it is able to overcome it. Remember this is an ongoing thing, so if you push yourself this week but put in the same effort next week, you’re not going to see long term results. It needs to be a constant progression until you reach a point in which you are happy. At that point you simple do enough to maintain.

Programs like insanity and P90X are ideal for this because the workouts never get easier. The more in shape you get, the harder your body will be pushed. Just remember that it’s always about getting up and doing a little bit more.

One bit of advice; during your first few weeks you will notice an increase in appetite based on the increase of physical activity. During this time you want to make sure that you eat a clean diet but don’t be afraid if you put on a few pounds. It’s during this time that your body is trying to restart its metabolism and because the energy it needs isn’t readily available, it triggers an increase in hunger. A lot of people get stuck during this point because they don’t see immediate results. The harder you push, the quicker you’ll get through this stage.

So there it is…
Shock the system!
Don’t give it time to adapt….
Force it to change!
That’s the secret!

I’ll post pictures throughout the 90 days and keep everyone updated on my progress.


It’s another sad day, and the entire nation is gripping their children tight. On December 14, 2012, 20 innocent children along with 6 teachers and staff were killed at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school.

The headline on the front cover of the December 19, 2012 edition of USA Today reads:

Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Aurora, Sandy Hook… Names Only Hint at Mass Killing Crisis: One Every Two Weeks

The article goes into more detail about the number of mass murders that have taken place between the years 2006 and 2010; as defined by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as:

The killing of four or more people not including the murderer which includes all forms of murder weapons i.e. fire, knives, narcotics, guns and any other form of weapon.

While the numbers are disheartening, the media continues to sensationalize this and other events in order to create fear and panic in the American people. While this article is not here to undermine the severity of the events that happened on December 14, 2012 and the 27 senseless lives that were lost, it is written to shed light on the facts and prevent future acts of senseless violence from occurring.

One of the statistics given in the USA Today article was researched by Brad Heath and Meghan Hoyer using Federal Bureau of Investigation, Supplemental Homicide Report. It was noted in the report that information was unavailable for the District of Columbia between the years 2006-2008, Florida from 2006-2010 and Nebraska from 2006-2008.

According to their research, there was a total of 34 mass killings in 2008, resulting in 156 deaths. They also made a point in emphasizing that 35 of those deaths were children under the age of 12.

While one murder is one too many, this USA Today article and thousands of news stories just like it are only painting half the picture.

According to the FBI’s “Crime in the US” report through 2011; violent crime has gone down over 50% since its peak in 1991 with the incidents per 100,000 dropping from 758 to a mere 377. The last time violent crime was that low was back between the years of 1969 and 1971.

Nicholas Austin commented “We haven’t been safer since peace, love and rock ‘n roll ruled the minds of the Americans. Based on the media’s reporting, you would think we are on Armageddon’s doorstep. They would lead you to believe that we have rapists, murderers, terrorists and pedophiles on every corner yet the statistics prove otherwise. We haven’t been this safe in over four decades!”

Only 1 in 15,547 deaths that occurred in 2008 were a result of the mass murder. According to the National Safety Council, in that same year you were:

- 95 times more likely to die from a fall.
- 158 times more likely to die from motor vehicle accident.
- 2591 times more likely to die from heart disease.

One of the more astonishing statistics; you were 142 times more likely to die of suicide then to die in a mass murder in 2008. The American Association of Suicidology reports that 36,035 deaths were self-inflicted in that year.

Nicholas Austin adds “It’s safe to say; the sensationalism and negative reporting used by the media caused more deaths by suicide then the 156 deaths caused by mass murder in 2008. It makes you wonder; how many of those peoples world view was shaped by what they read, heard and viewed on Television. At our core, we are no different than our ancestors. If there was a predator on the horizon, our attention became heightened and our senses become fixed out of fear. The media knows this and uses this fact against us to drive ratings and pull in advertising dollars. At some point, as a nation; we are going to have to say enough is enough “

In the wake of one of worst tragedies in American history, where there are talks of armed guards and gun toting teachers in schools and Brownells Inc; one of the world’s largest supplier of firearms accessories and gunsmithing tools recently reported that they sold 3 1/2 years worth of ammunition in 72 hours with rumors about changes to gun laws, one can’t help but to wonder if this could all been avoided if the media simply told us the truth.


Finding True Love


Love begins within yourself but all too often people move from relationship to relationship trying to find true love.

I met someone recently who has had a very rough life. She was abused as a child, raped as an adult and finds herself currently in a physically, mentally and emotionally abusive relationship. Despite everything…she’s an absolutely beautiful person, who is kind, loving and selfless. All she really wants from life is to love and be loved. 

She yearns for the day that she meets someone who she can love and receive love in return. Someone who will completely sweep her off her feet. Someone she can find unity with.

I think a lot of people are this way… they look for love in other people or objects. They look for love outside of themselves. In fact, popular culture encourages this. There’s only one problem, this isn’t the nature of love…

Love begins and ends with you! It’s that simple. When you love yourself, people will love you. When you hate yourself, people will hate you. It’s the Law of Attraction…it’s “Like Attracting Like”. 

There is nothing magical or mystical about it, although some people will tell you that.

It’s simply the fact that you will always see that which you focus on most. If you focus on love and loving yourself, then you will naturally be attracted to those people who focus on love and loving you. If you focus on hate and hating yourself, then you will attract people who focus on hate and that will create more hate in you.

It’s been this way, since man gain knowledge of good and bad. It’s the reasoning mind. It’s our own nature.

See the love that we seek outside of ourselves is very much like a pendulum. 

Pull the pendulum to the right and love abounds, but as soon as that person, place or thing, whatever it is, let’s go…. watch out. Gravity kicks in and equilibrium must be restored. 

“Your ultimate high, now becomes your ultimate low because the thing that brought you so high… has now let you go.”

This is what you experience when you seek love outside of yourself. One minute you’re high; One minute you’re low and the pendulum continues to swing.

This searching for love outside of yourself plays a huge part in the suffering we encounter in life and especially relationships.

We are physical beings, therefore we can very easily find love or unity through the physical… which is sex but that is not the only way to find love and it’s also not the most lasting way to find love. For the perverted mind, this happens to be the worst way to find love.

Have you ever wondered why so many religions condone sex before marriage? It’s because; whether it was written by god or man, someone knew that a relationship based on the physical rarely lasts because the physical never lasts. 

Lasting love comes from within, and when that love is paired with an individual whose love radiates from within, it becomes something so powerful that no obstacle is too great to overcome.

Omnia vincit amor……..Love Conquers All!

Sex doesn’t have the same power. You ever wonder why make up sex is so good? It’s two people who were united but have allowed their unity to be challenged, so they reunite through sex.

Their pendulum started to swing in a direction that they weren’t comfortable with and so they took their lack of love at that moment and found love through sex. Whether they address their core issue will often determine whether the relationship will last.

That’s why they call it making love. Because love is unity, so sex is unity but sex isn’t always unity… sometimes it’s just physical. 

The difference between making love and having sex is the lack of unity.

It’s the same action, but fueled by differing intentions. One is purely physical while the other is spiritual.

Have you ever just had a one night stand with someone? How did that feel?

You get your rocks off and move on. If you do it again, great…if not, oh well. No unity…just physical.

Have you ever meet someone who is madly in love with someone that simply sticks around for the sex? Have you observed the turmoil it causes in that persons’ life? Has it ever happened you? Have you ever asked why?

See their pendulum moved but it wasn’t you…the sex was their “high”. They can get that anywhere! So while you’re making love, they are simply there for the sex! Don’t be offended by it…without the physical drive for sex, you wouldn’t be here; so it serves it’s purpose. As bad as it makes you feel, it’s all part of a divine plan that has simply been perverted.

The rape and molestation that this woman experienced is evidence of that perversion…it’s when sex replaces what we truly seek, which is love.

Let me give you another example of how the pendulum swings:

Have you ever wondered why people break up and quickly find a rebound? This is someone whose pendulum has been pulled; in what they perceive to be a positive direction. They’re high! They are addicted and before gravity can restore equilibrium; they find someone else to grab hold of the string.

Because they never found love within themselves and allow themselves to “BECOME” the love; they seek outside themselves. They will always be a weight on a string and despite our best efforts, the weight always finds equilibrium.

So while they feed the addiction, they feed that high but one day the withdraw will come and it’ll be very painful.

There is only one way to stop the cycle, which is to stop the pendulum. That means to stop seeking outside of yourself that which already exists inside of you. True love can’t be found in people or outside objects, you can simply find addiction, which is the opposite of love…it’s lust.

True love isn’t of the physical world, it simply shapes it.

Learn to love yourself for the way you are. Learn to love that you have the opportunity to change yourself into what ever you want to be. You choose how you view any situation, whether it be positive or negative.

Love and its true nature is neither created nor destroyed. It’s what you are and what everything else is! Whether you choose to realize this fact or not will decide how much suffering you have in your life.

Love yourself and love will abound.

Omnia vincit amor……..Love Conquers All!


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